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Ginza Marketplace
のコーナーでは日本で作られた工芸品やアクセサリーなどのグッズや、the gift of the cherry blossoms(1912年に両国の友好関係を祈願して日本から3000本の桜の木が贈られたこと)を記念して作られたグッズなど、多くの商品を手にとって見ることができます。

Ginza Marketplace
  • Adorned by Aisha
    Enjoy our whimsical and romantic jewelry incorporating cherry blossoms.
  • Arise Bazaar
    Enjoy our expansive selection of Japanese kimono, textiles, and household décor
  • Chikako Designs
    Come appreciate the functionality of Asian fabric prints incorporated into wearable art such as skirts, bow ties, and handbags.
  • Cocoluck
    Appreciate the variety of kimono-fabric inspired accessories that you can incorporate into your everyday life.
  • Greentea Design
    Shop our selection of brush-painted Japanese wall scrolls, Japanese arts, and craft items.
  • Japan Wave
    Shop our several booths for imported Japanese merchandise including kigurumi, stationery sets, and household items.
  • Japanasia
    We carry traditional Japanese gifts and clothing.
  • Japanese Dolls and Crafts School
    Come learn about Japanese dolls and handmade art crafts including demonstrations, by Master Akiko Keene and her students and teachers.
  • Japanese Sweets Store Matsukawaya
    Come watch a Japanese sweets Master craft beautiful and delicious “wagashi” and enjoy the taste of their craft!
  • KASHIYAMA the Smart Tailor
    One of the world’s most prestigious custom clothing brands has now arrived in the US. From our parent company founded in 1927, we now proudly suit over 200,000 clients every year and are pleased to bring the Japanese art of custom tailoring to the Nation’s Capital.

  • Kilaarts
    Kimberly Leahey has been painting for 20 yrs and is self-taught. She gets her inspiration from different cultures. Her Japanese artwork is inspired by Japanese Artists from the 1800s and, Shinto beliefs.
  • Naked Decor
    Local artisan crafts home accessories – tea towels, coasters, pillows and more – that are inspirited by the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC.
  • National Cherry Blossom Festival 
    Come browse our three locations for a wide selection of Official National Cherry Blossom Festival merchandise
  • Olive & Daisy
    Enjoy our handmade jewelry incorporating semi-precious gemstones, metal, and leather. A wide range of styles, including earrings, necklace, brooch, bracelet, and hairpin.
  • *Paper*Crane*Heart*
    Handmade Japanese paper jewelry – crafted from chiyogami paper, resin, and wood. Super lightweight!
  • Reiko’s Kimono Crafts
    Handcrafted Japanese accessories and crafts made with silk fabric from authentic antique/vintage kimonos.
  • Ya’s For Y’all
    Handmade Japanese traditional fabric art Tsumamizaiku jewelry using antique/vintage Japanese kimono fabric and pure silver.